Fred Herscovitch: Paintings - Invisible Worlds

Scientific discoveries have steadily widened the narrow window of human perception. The electron microscope has afforded us glimpses into the shadow world of atomic structures while the radio telescope has brought us tantalizing views of the most distant reaches of the universe. Less familiar, perhaps, are several other technological wonders that permit us to chart relatively unfamiliar waters.

Kirlian photography, developed by the Soviet husband and wife team of Semyon and Valentina Kirlian, reveals startling auras of coloured light surrounding plants, animals and humans. The Kirlians dubbed this bioplasmic energy. Some researchers wondered if this is the same kind of vital energy alluded to by mystics and healers, energy that has often been portrayed as a bright halo surrounding each holy figure in a religious painting.

Schlieran photography allows us to view the turbulent flow of heat surrounding a candle flame, or a piece of burning paper, or even the violent convulsions of energy emitted by a jet engine.

We can now use infra red photography to easily identify the varying levels of heat loss radiating from a building at night.

Thermographic photographs may possibly aid medical diagnosis by allowing doctors to chart temperature gradients radiating from the human scull. I have based the Invisible Worlds paintings on all of these scientific technologies.

Shlerian View of Burning Paper
Shlieran View of Burning Paper

22" x 16"
56 cm. x 41 cm.
Infra Red View of House
Infra Red View of a House

20" x 15"
51 cm. x 38 cm.
Thermographic View of a Woman Smoking
Thermographic View of a Woman Smoking
18" x 15"
46 cm. x 38 cm.
Study of Kirlian Aura: Phantom Leaf
Study of Kirlian Aura: Phantom Leaf

12" x 10"
30 cm. x 25 cm.

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